Lush Daycare
At Lush Puppy Pet Resort whether your pet enjoys playing all day with their friends or prefers a quiet place to rest, our state-of-the-art facility accommodates most breeds, size and energy levels. Each dog will be separated based on size into a day care play room. Our daycare counselors will ensure your dog enjoys hours of fun running, playing, and exploring with all their doggie friends.

Every dogs program includes indoor play as well as outdoor play in our environmentally friendly, flea and tick free Artificial Grass yards, which are also separated by pet's size. If your dog enjoys swimming they can take a dip in our supervised salt-based, chemical free bone-shaped pool. The pool was designed with small dogs as well as active swimmers in mind with a beach entry that gradually increases to a depth of 48". The salt pool is much healthier for your pet's skin and coat.

Please visit our Rates page to see a complete list of our Daycare services.

Lush Puppy Pet Resort Requirements for Day Care

Temperament Screening: This is to make sure that a dog is not aggressive in any way. An appointment is advised for a temperament test.

Spayed or Neutered: ALL puppies must be at least 6 months old AND must be spayed or neutered to attend day care.

Vaccinations: All vaccinations must be up to date to include:
We also require that your pet be on some type of flea and tick preventative. Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution are acceptable forms of flea and tick control.

*If necessary, your pet's vaccinations can be faxed to us directly from your Vet's office @ 561-745-1710 or emailed to the front desk at